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Tegwom is amongst the top-rated whatsapp marketing based service provider and serving clients for more than 3 years, professionals work round the clock to deliver top quality whatsapp marketing services over the past few years, we have established ourselves as an acclaimed global digital service provider for whatsapp marketing. We have arisen as confided in working accomplices and have worked with Startups, Growing organizations, Top undertakings and Tech goliaths utilizing open source advancements and have conveyed creative arrangements.

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Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp is quickly becoming the most popular messaging app amongst customers. We’re not saying this; The numbers are — Meta has seen continued growth of messaging across their platforms, with more than 1.5 billion people using WhatsApp every month and over 100 billion messages sent every single day. In fact, over 80% of consumers surveyed by Meta use messaging to inquire about products or services, while over 70% go ahead and make a transaction. Brands have taken note of WhatsApp’s growing popularity and want a slice of the action. Its instant messaging features and group capabilities make it the perfect platform for communicating and forging deeper relationships with customers. In this article, we start with the basics of WhatsApp marketing and deep dive into effective WhatsApp marketing strategies businesses can use to boost engagement with customers.
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