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Reach more customers and increase sales with WhatsApp marketing. With our easy-to-use platform, you can send targeted campaigns to your customers in no time.

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Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp is quickly becoming the most popular messaging app amongst customers. We’re not saying this; The numbers are — Meta has seen continued growth of messaging across their platforms, with more than 1.5 billion people using WhatsApp every month and over 100 billion messages sent every single day.In fact, over 80% of consumers surveyed by Meta use messaging to inquire about products or services, while over 70% go ahead and make a transaction.

Brands have taken note of WhatsApp’s growing popularity and want a slice of the action. Its instant messaging features and group capabilities make it the perfect platform for communicating and forging deeper relationships with customers.In this article, we start with the basics of WhatsApp marketing and deep dive into effective WhatsApp marketing strategies businesses can use to boost engagement with customers.

Why Whatsapp Marketing ?

WhatsApp open rates are 98%, and with 3X increase in customer response rate. The channel allows brands to reach out directly to consumers without getting lost in their inboxes or, worse, their spam folders.Broadly speaking, the term “WhatsApp marketing” refers to any marketing or promotional activities that take place on WhatsApp. Typically, marketers use WhatsApp Business  — two interfaces separate from Whatsapp that allow you to manage conversations with your audience.

While you could technically send marketing campaigns using your personal WhatsApp number, it’s not recommended. You’ll likely run into issues with sending to large numbers of contacts and won’t have features essential to WhatsApp advertising like welcome messages and metrics.

Any Types of Content

Your message can include text, image, video and link


Investing in real estate is not a cup of tea for everyone. You need better reach to crack the market. Here we have come up with our tool which will not only deliver your ads but will also give you potential leads of those customers who are interested in buying your property by sharing customer’s responses.


Designing an online casino website is easy but finding a customer is very hard. By using our software you can promote your new casino games in the form of image on all social media messengers.


While many of NGOs and POLITICAL PARTIES are struggling to find the best solution to target mass audience with cost effective solutions. Our in-build filter software will filter out dead mobile numbers so they can spend there money wisely and get better results.

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Give Us 4 Different Types of Your Message

Repeatedly sending the same message to different people causes Telegram to identify that message as ad and restric it; Therefore, after placing the order, consult with us to prepare 4 completely different samples of your advertising message (in terms of text, links, etc.) and provide them to us so that we can send them to your target audience. This way, Telegram cannot recognize that these messages are ads and there will be no problem.

Offer Output Report

A few days after your order is fulfilled, you will be provided with a CSV report of successful and unsuccessful sent messages or member adds. In this Excel file, the list of numbers or Usernames of the audiences to whom the message was sent successfully (Done) or unsuccessfully (Failed) are specified in separate columns.

Refund for Failed Messages

If for any reason, a number of your messages are not successfully sent to the audiences (and this amount is more than 5% of the total number of your order), you can send your refund request to our support chat. Note that half of the payment will be refunded for the unsent messages. Also keep in mind that this refund will definitely not benefit us because we make the same effort for all sent messages (whether successful or not) and consume resources, but refund for per unsuccessful unsent message is to honor the customer.

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